the BlackBox Project / Guatemala (phase1)

10 Systems supplying

1,000 Families with clean water for 10 Years 

10 Days to Donate

$20,000 Needed

$20.00 Per Family Supplied with Clean Water

This Phase 1 project is a pilot program between the Guatemalan Dream Center – theGDC and Better Things LLC. Both organizations have hands on experience in working with water problems facing a significant portion of Guatemala.  The new “point of use” clean water solutions developed by Better Things can help alleviate many of these problems, for the most vulnerable people.

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala suffers from some of the worst malnutrition in the western hemisphere (back and forth with Haiti) and clean water is at the core of the problem.  The GDC has been working with the most underprivileged people in Guatemala for many years, but has never found a simple, sustainable and scalable cost effective solution to clean water.  Better Things has brought a solution to the country.  The founders of Better Things have been associated with the GDC and have first hand experience in Guatemala, working to find clean water solutions.  Combined the two organizations can make a difference in availability of clean water in the most remote areas of Guatemala, and the results can be transferred to other areas of the world.

Who benefits from Phase I – Guatemala?

theGDC’s daily contact and support for those most affected by lack of clean water will help identify the recipients of the first systems. The “point of use” clean water systems will be purchased by the GDC from Better Things and disbursed throughout the south western region of Guatemala. Ten (10) pilot water systems will be deployed as part of Phase I and the data collected will then provide a solid foundation from which to launch additional systems.  theGDC and Better Things first hand knowledge of Guatemala will allow a smooth introduction of this clean water program.

The Filtration System…

The BlackBox High Volume water filtration system leverages proven technology with improved usability and performance.  This proprietary design uses a double filtration system and automatic back flushing to optimize filter performance and maximize longevity.  Simple to use and effective. Installation takes less than 30 minutes. The water filtered is 99.99999% clean; the highest EPA standard. A solar power option ensures functionality even without a reliable power grid. 

The Anticipated Project Results…

Clean water to an estimated 1,000 families in Guatemala for years to come. 

Pilot installations to learn and improve the system for future use.

Active units for demonstration  to organizations and government groups.

Personal Benefits:

Improved Health / Dramatic reduction in water borne illnesses

Reduced medical expenses

Increased productivity and time in school

Help us bring clean water to people who need it.

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