la Serie BlackBox filtration systems designed and produced by Better Things LLC leverage proven hollow fiber membrane filters to filter source groundwater to 99.99999% pure. And is scalable from personal to community-wide needs. This proprietary design uses a double filtration system with automatic backflushing which guarantees clean water production, optimizes filter performance and maximizes longevity.

Thanks to the automatic system maintenance, the systems can operate for 7-10 years without intervention. Simple and effective, point of use, clean water for just pennies a day for the life of the filter system. Clean water can be a reality across the world. 

Making a Difference

theBlackBox Water Filtration Systems are presently providing clean water to children and their families in the Americas and Africa.

the BlackBox Ultra Volume Water Filter

When infrastructure isn’t in place and a more centralized filtration system is required for even larger demands the BlackBox Ultra Volume (BBUV) scales with the need. Designed to stand-alone or used in multiple groupings, the BBUV system can be tailored to the specific job.  One BBUV can filter up to 113LPM (30 GPM) and with two clusters of six units, the system can filter up up 1,362 LPM (360 GPM) or enough to support a community of 100,000 people.

el filtro de agua BlackBox Alto Volumen

The BlackBox High Volume (BBHV) system was the initial unit developed out of a personal need to provide reliable clean water to a church and education center in Guatemala.  The system provides around 10 GPM or 14,400 gallons per day which is enough to support an entire school of up to 1,000 kids. Only three connection points are required using standard ½” threaded connections so installation again is typically completed in less than 30 minutes. A solar power option ensures functionality even without a reliable power grid.  This unit will fly as luggage in our shipping box or in our recommended suitcase.

el filtro de agua BlackBox Bajo Volumen

Designed for individual homes or to provide drinking water to guests in small restaurants, hotels, or churches the BlackBox Low Volume (BBLV) system filters up to approximately 5 gallons per minute (GPM) or 7,200 per day. This compact system fits easily under most kitchen sinks and can be installed in under 30 minutes. It works extremely well when connected to a drinking station as it can easily keep the unit full to support the needs of family and friends, even though the periodic backflushing cycle.

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el filtro de agua BlackBox Móvil
El BBMF es la unidad de menor volumen de nuestro sistema de filtración de agua de la serie BlackBox. Aprovecha el diseño de doble filtros y lo hace móvil. Los detalles vendrán pronto.

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