Key Features

  • Exceeds EPA standards for potable water
  • Made for off-grid battery operation
  • Processes up to 113 LPM (30 GPM) per system
  • Can be connected in parallel for increased demand
  • Includes automated filter maintenance feature
  • Provides 7-10 Year Life (pending source water turbidity)

Water Purification
This filter system utilizes two 0.1 micron hollow-fiber membrane filters which remove all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts to 99.99999% (7 Log) and 99.1% (2 Log) of viruses.  This point-of-use, clean water solution has a higher “log” rate than the EPA standard (6 Log) for potable water.

The BBUV can serve in large facilities or community water systems where large volumes of water are needed and safe municipal water is not an option. The system works well to filter most surface water systems (additional pre-filters may be required).

Volume, Scalability & Customization
No two projects are alike, and each has its unique intricacies. Using a manifold assembly design, the BBUV can be customized and scaled to meet a variety of volume needs.


Hollow-fiber membrane filters require regular backflushing to stay in good working order. The BBUV automatically backflushes each filter with clean water from the other filter at preset time intervals. This ensures optimal system performance for years to come and clean, safe drinking water 100% of the time. 

The backflush system is powered by a 12V battery which can be charged with either the included solar panel or the 1amp wall charger.


BBUV Data Sheet PDF  – Capacity

Field Study Report_Rio Guacalate – Effectiveness

BBUV Marketing Sheet

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